Term 4 Week 9 Wednesday

December 11, 2008

This afternoon we went on a picnic and to a reserve

I am leading a new social group

At the reserve the children rode their bikes on the dirt track and swam in the river


Term 4 Week 9 MONDAY

December 8, 2008

this afternoon we went over a home schooling friends place and watched  this video (The Eyptian one)for history and discussed it too

Term 4 Week 8 Thursday

December 4, 2008

wrote a good copy of a story he wrote the other day (because he wanted too)


following up on yesterdays art come science  lesson about boars Barb sent us this link about boars.  We really appricated this 🙂  I love teachable moments 🙂

finished reading “story of the nile” – history

listened to the last part of the dvd about trees

Term 4 week 8 Wednesday

December 3, 2008


Sketch something that lives in the desert.


We dont have many deserts in New Zealand
so I took the opportunity to tell my home schooler about the one we do have

see websites below
and then i recalled the times I had travelled down it as a child with my parents while on holiday
they told me to be on the watch out for wild boars I dont know if other animals live there or not



Today we wrote thank you letters to the sponsors of the yatching last week

I wrote the letter draft with him telling me what to write
then he made it into a good copy
then we photocopied the letter and I wrote the address on them and the envelopes


Term 4 Week 8 Monday

December 1, 2008


Sketch something you wear in the rain.


Read some more of Story of the Nile (History)

Listen to a cd (Dorling Kindersley : ELT Graded) about trees

Term 4 Week 7 Sunday

December 1, 2008

Helped Anne at the Christmas Expo she was selling her Weird Word Game.  He did lots of phonic work 🙂

Term 4 Week 7 Saturday

December 1, 2008

My Home Schooler got creative