Term 4 week 8 Wednesday


Sketch something that lives in the desert.


We dont have many deserts in New Zealand
so I took the opportunity to tell my home schooler about the one we do have

see websites below
and then i recalled the times I had travelled down it as a child with my parents while on holiday
they told me to be on the watch out for wild boars I dont know if other animals live there or not



Today we wrote thank you letters to the sponsors of the yatching last week

I wrote the letter draft with him telling me what to write
then he made it into a good copy
then we photocopied the letter and I wrote the address on them and the envelopes



3 Responses to Term 4 week 8 Wednesday

  1. Lisa says:

    That’s great to have the kids write thank you notes. My boys will be writing some this week.

  2. my3boysandi says:

    it was a big job but so worth it I reckon and it was an awesome opportunity

  3. […] to write thank yous Just after the opti yacthing we wrote thankyou letters to the people who sponser the yatchs Today My Home Schooler got a tshirt from one of the companies […]

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