Term 4 Week 7 Thursday

November 27, 2008

Term 4 Week 7 Wednesday

November 26, 2008

had to capsize their yatchs today

A much better day than yesterday

Term 4 Week 7 Tuesday

November 25, 2008

It was very very windy today so the children rowed

They had to go from side of the water to the other and get some big wooden blocks and bring them back.  They had 3 to a boat.  Once My Home Schoolers team got over they sent one of their crew to get the block and instead of waiting for him rowed back without him.  I had My Home Schooler on about it when he got back.  He insisted it was the wind LOL (it probably was).  There team came 3rd.

Just before we left he swam in the water to get the blocks that had left behind by the teams they couldnt get across because of the wind.  The tide had come in and the blocks were making their way home.

Term 4 Week 7 Monday

November 24, 2008

In the afternoon My Home Schooler went Optism yatching

After dinner we made this pumpkin loaf for play group tomorrow


Term 4 Week 6 Friday

November 21, 2008

This afternoon we went to a home schoolers house for a pre meet before the yatching next week

There My Home Schooler learnt to tie some sailing knots and to rig a yatch

Term 4 Week 6 Thursday

November 20, 2008

artSketch something with arms.


studied the parts of a yatch again and started reading Story of the Nile A journey through Time Along The Worlds Longest River (history/geography)

TERM 4 WEEK 6 Wednesday

November 19, 2008

This morning went on this feild trip and unfortunity forgot my camera

then we went for an icecream at McDs

after lunch we did our lessons


after he did his paperrun he went to a home schooling friends house for a play