Term 3 summary


  • Continued practicing his addition, subtraction and multiplication skills
  • bar graphs, measuring, number puzzles, geometry, working out sequences, tessellations, symmetry, distances, weight, less than and greater than, place values, skip counting in 2s and 5s on a chart, did an activity page on negative numbers, rounding numbers
  • played maths games including Uno and some games which incorporated all the basic skills in them


  • phonics continuing to practice
  • spelling continuing to use this website and also finding that writing the words into sentences is helpful
  • writing enjoys creative writing made a long story book

Letters to a – New Zealand actor, Big Ben Pies (received letters and merchandise in return)

Learnt how to correctly write an important letter

  • Reading
  • cloze sentences, reading comprehension, syllables, poems, looking at words that are the same and those that are opposite,
  • see our snake lapbook

Little House Series –

  • (Science) tumbleweeds
  • reading comprehension
  • see lapbook below


learnt some memory verses

started using this site http://www.biblestudyplanet.com/studies/kids.aspx which as well as allowing some bible to be read or listened to. I sometimes the required verses or listen to them being read online. It also has crosswords to do and reading comprehension questions to answer.

  • listened to a cd about Aliens

(geography) coloured the parts of the world that have encountered aliens

learnt about the Roswell Incident, Area 51 and Barney and Betty Hill

Looked at the star system known as Zeta 1 and Zeta 2 b

UFOs, Men in Black

  • Listened to cd about space travel particularly to the Moon

Apollo 11, living in space, the moon and its rocks and dust

Also see below our first lapbook

  • watched a TV programme about Wildebeest and another one about Tornados
  • listened to a cd about Snakes also see our lapbook below
  • cicada/locusts
  • attended the science roadshow
  • also see poetry lapbook – teeth
  • pe_logo.jpg
  • paper run
  • Rode around the local estuary on our bikes

  • has contributed to Sketch Tuesday regularly
  • went to an open day at the Art Gallery this trip/outing also incorporated aspects of Maori when he had to study Maori fish hooks and view and understand about the spear that Maori people use in ceremonies. Maths when he had to reorganize numbers corresponding to the pieces of art. History He learnt more about the Hawkes Bay Earthquake. He found this part the most interesting part. He saw the oldest vacuum cleaner in the Bay. He did some reading comprehension to work out what was significant about Joyce Campbell’s photos.
  • drew a picture of the Samoa Flag for youth group. The youth group didnt know what they were going to do this Friday night. My Home Schooler came up with the idea of Olympics since Friday is the day they start. So then they were required to make a flag of their chosen country and on Friday night they will play games all in the spirit of the Olympics.
  • Watched some of the Olympics on TV and made an Olive wreath
  • made a model boat and a flower out of art sticks
  • made cover for book he has written


  • Listened to the Olympic anthem
  • watched some videos on Utube about one of My Home Schoolers favourite bands and he wrote some information about them


  • cooked lunch – omelettes
  • cooked cakes and other yummy slices etc for play group morning teas
  • filled out and made an invention for a Tv program and sent it in
  • Made our first lap book about Space it incorporated maths when we weighted ourselves and compared it to our weight on the moon.  This was very interesting to My Home Schooler. Art was incorporated when he coloured in the cover for the lap book. Science – Space. Writing – about aspects of space. Learnt about Neil Armstrong.

  • snake lap book including identifying descriptive words from this mornings book and putting on to a snake/word map
  • Olympics learnt about our team, the history and many different aspects about the games, also learnt about China, and healthy diets and the major food groups
  • poetry lapbook which incorporated maths – averages, character analysis and looked up words My Home Schooler didnt know on an online dictionary, read the history of the poem and listened to being read online. Did a survey with people we know. writing definitions to words in todays poem. Learnt about teeth.
  • Made our own first ever lapbook which I modelled on the Olympics one about the Special Olympics which included learning about different types of disabilities
  • started making our lap book for By The Shores Of Silver Lake. Learnt about Scarlet Fever,
    studied a map of America where they were going this time (geography), reading comprehension, learnt about steam train inventors and how steam trains work


  • playgroup – has lead some successful art/craft activities with the children, has served and cooked morning tea
  • Enjoyed a visit from Granddad H
  • see above in art as to how he made a valuable contribution to a session at Youth Group
  • library
  • swimming pools
  • welcome home parade for the Olympic games athletics
  • Faraday Centre and learnt about equipment they has in the 30s and 40s
  • Sea Scout Camp
  • dinosaur show. This would cover history, Maori studies (the man explained that he believes some cultures including the Maoris must have seen the last dinosaurs as they are depicted in their art), science

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