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Study Time Extras
Bible 9am Anne – Tuesday & Thursday afternoons
readingwritingspellingphonicsEnglish Sea scouts – Thursday nightswimming – Friday afternoonChurch & sunday school – Sunday morning
BREAK 10.45 am
Maths 11 am
LUNCH 12 noon
Art OR Music OR Science OR cooking 1 pm
paper run 2 pm

Special Notes about things that happened on  these days

Term 3 Tuesday week 7  2 September 2008

bible – now consists of me reading the verses and then reading comprehension, sometimes a maze, a crossword

Term 3 Wednesday Week 7  3rd September

Technology visited the Faraday Centre and learnt about equipment they has in the 30s and 40s

writing definitions to words in todays poem

swimming with his best home schooling friend

Term 3 Thursday Week 7  4th September

In our bible study we had an interesting discussion about Eden

In poetry/science I read The Dentist and The Crocodile – Roald Dahl and The Crocodiles Toothache – Shel Silverstein, My Home Schooler labeled the parts of a tooth, we compared the peoms and made a venn diagram about alligators and crocodiles.  We gathered the info from here

Term 3 Friday Week 7  5th September

started a sub-study  on teeth which was part of our poetry lapbook

reading comprehension

science experiment – feeling which teeth chew a biscuit, a carrot and a piece of bread

Term 3 Sunday Week 7  7th September

watched the Opening Ceremony to the Speical Olympics

Term 3 Monday Week 8  8th September

cooking for play group tomorrow

Term 3 Wednesday Week 8 September 1oth

read this page to My Home Schooler and he wrote nearly a page about his hero

deciphering a code
played hang man with his spelling words

paralympics games work looked at New Zealands history, the elblem, the torch relay, mascot, spirit, motto, looked at some videos ( about a special sport – boccia

designed an emblem poster imaging that New Zealand would be hosting the next games

Term 3 Thursday Week 8  September 11th

studied the people who can go to the games

did a word search, answered some riddles to do with animals, solved a maths maze, finished his poster from yesterday

Term 3 Friday Week 8 September 12th

went out to morning tea at a home schooling friends house

studied some about the paralympics

Term 3 Saturday and Sunday Week 8   September 13th and 14th

Sea Scout Camp

Term 3 Monday Week9 September 15th

read and looked at  these pages to My Home Schooler  to help him with his story writing also looked at some photos of this place

Term 3 Wednesday Week9 September 17th

started making our lap book for By The Shores Of Silver Lake.  Got this lapbook from here and it was made by friend Heather.

read about Scarlet Fever, and recalled facts from the story (reading comprehension), studied a map of America where they were going this time (geography)

read this page about the history of steam trains and watched videos about them on the internet

learnt about steam train inventors and how steam trains work

: Sketch something with hair

Term 3 Thursday Week 9 September 18th

read this to My Home Schooler and he wrote about why they are his favourite band also watched some of their songs on Utube

went to a dino show.

This would cover history, Maori studies (he explained that he believes some cultures including the Maoris must have seen the last dinosaurs as they are depicted in their art), science

Term 3 Monday Week10 September 22nd

Maths as well as the normal addition, subtraction and muliplication did some rounding of numbers

finished off our study about the paralympics by making a bar graph for our medals and a case study on the most successful of our athletes.  We also viewed photos from the closing ceremony

baked a cake for tomorrows play group

Term 3 Wednesday Week10 September 24th

discussed local and international news events

studied some more about teeth

something brown

went wood tuning with Mr Wonderful

Term 3 Thursday Week10 September 25th

English/Science word find which sparked us into read and discussing this site about being warm blooded or cold blooded

did some more of our teeth study

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