Term 3 Wednesday Week 5

bible study revise memory verse





Discuss the major food groups.

Discuss what each food group provides our bodies and why we need it. Read this page

An athlete’s diet has specific needs including increased carbohydrates. Discuss why this is (increased output of energy).

looked at this chart and compared it with this chart which is the food pyramid for athletes

social studies researched Famous Olympian from New Zealand and put this infor into our lap book


maths adding, subtraction, multiplication, maths game dealing with adding, subtraction, multiplication and also less than and greater than


Sketch something pink.

Looked at the previous logos then designed a logo for the next Olympic games. My Home Schooler pretended that New Zealand would be hosting the next Olympics and design one with this in mind.

had 2 interesting conversations about who is in the Olympic Committee and what makes a certain city within ones country is their capital city. Both discussions were instigated by My Home Schooler

My Home Schooler told Mr Wonderful that we are 28th in the medals table

watched some more of these videos 48 Short Video Clips (about Chinese culture and the Olympics)

Paper run

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