Term 3 Wednesday Week 4

Bible study revise bible verse





social studies watched this video about the Olympics and did the quiz too

maths adding, subtraction, multiplication, geometry, working out sequences, tessellations

Sketch something you find in an ice chest or the ice chest itself.

Had an interesting discussion about it

Geogrpahy/Art Told My Home Schooler is the largest country in Asia and the 3rd largest in the world next to Russia and Canada (showed on map)

My Home schooler knew where China was on the wall map talked about the Chinese flag and its design. Coloured in a Chinese map.

Social Studies Explained what communism is by reading most of the answers from here

Showed My Home Schooler this page with their president and the Prime minister on it and told My Home Schooler how the government was chosen

Language/Maths Discussed Chinas written language and My Home Schooler wrote his name in Chinese

looked at their number system and looked at a Chiense keyboard on the Internet

paper run

went to Colins for an hour

Sports/Art watched more of the Olympic games opening

Science looked at the moon

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