Term 3 Wednesday Week 3






English/maths reading comprehension and finding dates

maths adding subtraction multiplication

art drew a picture of the Samoa Flag for youth group. The youth group didnt know what they were going to do this Friday night. My Home Schooler came up with the idea of Olympics since Friday is the day they start. So then they were required to make a flag of their chosen country and on Friday night they will play games all in the spirit of the Olympics.

This week’s assignment will be to sketch something Sour

Science started looking at the phrases of the moon

Art tonight made a card for his Nana who is very sick in hospital

4 Responses to Term 3 Wednesday Week 3

  1. Mica says:

    hello. I too am a home schooler.. just wanted to say hello from another fellow schooler in the world. Find me at http://thechildspaper.blogspot.com/

    Yours, Mica

  2. my3boysandi says:

    HI Mica
    shall come and check out your blog soon
    have a good day 🙂

  3. The Olympics idea is a good one. I’m looking forward to watching some of it.

    Sorry to hear about Nana in the hospital.

  4. my3boysandi says:

    the youth group leader was impressed too
    me too
    thanks pray for us please its rather worrying she keeps going up and down in her health

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