Term 3 Monday Week 2

Bible study





English reading comprehension

maths adding subtraction multiplication – used a book Granddad brought himand he did some reading of the questions too


finish listening to Race to the Moon cd and started our very first lapbook.  Maths was incorporated when we weighted ourselves and compared it to our weight on the moon.  This was very interesting to My Home Schooler.  Art was incorporated when he coloured in the cover for the lap book.

we made a cover for our lap book

I included things like a copy writing exercise about Neil Armstrong – which we will do tomorrow

there will also be a copy writing exercise about the 3 layers of the moon

I included things like what the astronauts do on board the spaceship as we learnt about this though the cd the other day

Paper run

2 Responses to Term 3 Monday Week 2

  1. Lapbooks are a great way to display what you’re learning. We may have to do some lapbooking this upcoming school year.

  2. my3boysandi says:

    you might Lisa 🙂 I think they are a way to go back and look at your learning too

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