Term 3 Monday Week 1

Bible study


english- cloze sentences




maths adding subtraction multiplication

science/geography listened to half a cd about Aliens

coloured the parts of the world that have encountered aliens

Roswell Incident – looked at this photo and this photo and the photos on this page

told my home schooler about Area 51

showing him this photo of the base and these photos from ground level

looked at this page about Barney and Betty Hill and this page too

we concluded that they were normal highly intelligent people. Barney was a 39 year old black man who worked for the US postal service. Betty, his wife, was a 41 year old white woman with her Masters, she was also a supervisor in a child welfare department.

Looked at the star system known as Zeta 1 and Zeta 2 supposedly home to the aliens. Reviewed what space napping is?oked ld black man who worked for the US Postal Service. His wife Betty was ar t

paper run

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