What My Home Schooler Did Over The Holidays Week 2


paper run


movie night


Dee (bless her) came over and gave My Home Schooler her old cellphone so My Home Schooler spent hours playing with it and figuring out it worked

he also did the lawn mowing

I read a few more chapters of Laura’s Plum Creek to My Home Schooler

He went up the road on his bike to buy some flour

and made bacon, corn and cheese pizza bread for lunch

I was told it is very important to add oregano with flair LOL

it was delish

Paper run

My Home Schooler went and saw


My Home Schooler made a tent for his little brother

and went to Dees for a play

paper run

Mr Wonderful took him scroll sawing with him

My Home Schooler made lunch – pizza bread
watched this on TV
click on this picture to see about this movie
paper run
My Home Schooler went over to Dees for a couple of hours today
paper run in the rain for the first time since starting his runs

This morning Mr Wonderful took the boys to the shops with him.

paper run


paper run

we all went to PaknSave



watched The Lion Man on TV

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