Term 2 summary


  • Continued practicing his addition and subtraction skills
  • now knows the 3, 4 and 6 times tables
  • months of the year, calendar work, tally marks , place value, bar graphs, $$, fractions, venn diagram, properties of flat shapes, time, sorting numbers from highest to lowest, prime and composite numbers, numbers, matching 3d models to their net draws, perimeters (first time worked with decimals), measuring, more work with decimals, traveling distances and looked at where the routes they would take in a map, statistics, $$, line graph, probability, fractions and time, geometry, using a calculator


  • phonics continuing to practice still has some problems with a and u
  • spelling using this website and finding it helpful, using a sandbox to help too
  • writing wrote some letters/stories to granddad, writing a bit more, is beginning to use his dictionary to find the spelling of some of the words, wrote thank you letters to the ladies whom gave us the tickets for The Sound of Music musical, continued to write his amusing stories – he is a very good creative writer.
  • reading for longer periods of time because he wants to
  • found out about Spike Milligan and listened to some of his poems online

Little House Series –

  • reading comprehension, crosswords, dictated a story about a Christmas he can remember
  • Learnt how writers sometimes change some aspects of the truth to make their stories more interesting. How people use stories to do research
  • (geography, maths) found out the length of the Mississippi river. We found out it is the 14th longest river in the world, looked on a map at how far they had traveled through Winconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, and ending up near the Verdigris River in Oklahoma. Looked at a map of where they had traveled to get to Plum Creek, found out how far town was (compared it with what my Home Schooler knows)
  • (Maths) We found out how they traveled each day and compared it to how far that would be from here. We paced out the length of their house and compared it to our lounge.
  • (science) gophers, nightingales, oak trees and Kauri trees, wolves, garter snakes, why skunks smell, geese, badger, flowers, Leeches, Minnows, snipes, grasshoppers
  • (technology) made beef jerky. We read and discussed their toilets and what an outhouse and a chamber pot is. Looking at photos on the internet at these too. Made a model woodwork wagon. Wells. Made a bandanna cowboys. Made vanity cakes.
  • (Geography/Social Studies) Looked at what Oklahoma looks like these days and decided that Pa wouldnt have been happy here. Its too crowded. Looked at photos of Plum Creek.
  • (Bible) Uses of bibles for remembering important dates etc, Epiphany, showned what My Home schooler what a belfry was. Memorized the smallest verse in the bible. Got my Home Schooler to find John 11:35 in the bible and read it. Sang Psalms 51.

  • (History) We read about why pioneers moved west. We compared the way the prairie became available very much the same way New Zealand would have become available when parts of it were sold off so the English people could live here. The Osage Indians. Minnesota Massacre. Soldat Du Chene. We came across the mention of Stockades researched what they were and comparing it to what he already knows – that the Maoris made similar fortifications in the early days of New Zealand.
  • learnt what bellows and a velocipedes are/were

NB I have noticed that My Home Schooler is becoming of new vocab words and wants to know what they mean

  • (Health) sicknesses in those days including malaria
  • (Music) when applicable listened to songs and music that related to the story on UTube

There was a comment recently that this is a lot of American history and we are New Zealanders. However, My Home Schooler has a love for the stories and he is learning a lot and I feel thats whats important. I also have plans that when we have finished the Little House books we will read and study some books I have about New Zealand in the early days.

The Sound Of Music

Went to see the stage show The Sound Of Music and learnt about the real Maria

Discussed why he liked Maria the character

Again found out the way the story has been changed from real life to suit the stage show and the reasons why. Again My Home Schooler picked up a new word (stormtroopers)he hadnt heard before and asked about it. So we researched it. What I found interesting about this is that I didnt even hear them say that word but he must have.


We still trying to find something that suits us. We have read several books. We are currently reading The Big Rescue Bible by the Bible Society of Australia.

Also see Little House Series


  • did a study on rulers and watched an interesting video on UTube about a parallel ruler
  • shared a book called “How Big Is It?” Ben Hillman learnt about quetzalcoatlus, pyramid, spider
  • watched some nature programmes on TV and on Utube too
  • eggy science experiments
  • bird watching
  • made and played with Fizzle Stones
  • Read a news paper article about a rare pregnancy of weedy sea dragon at US aquarium
  • Learnt about the MESSENGER and learnt about Mercury
  • lenses
  • read pages from the National Geographic site when they were of interest to us
  • recycling
  • made a propeller engine racer and boat
  • also see Little House Series


  • bike riding and got a paper run
  • ball handling skills
  • Love To Sing With You dvd

  • has contributed to Sketch Tuesday regularly
  • made a sock doll
  • took part in the art activities at play group
  • mircowave puff painting


  • learnt about GEORGE GERSHWIN
  • learnt about different parts of the orchestra and different instruments within it
  • Love To Sing With You dvd
  • practiced songs for sea scouts camp fire sing song event
  • went to the Sound Of Music stage show
  • watched songs and drama from UTube on The Sound of Music
  • Learnt about the Von Trapp Family
  • Look at different musical instruments from around the world and identified which part of the orchestra they would fit into
  • also see Little House Series


  • cooking some of which was for play group, dinners, lunches, jerky like the cowboys use to have
  • made a wagon model
  • made a 3d ship model
  • read a book together about inventions
  • read labels on food packages to see where they were made
  • made an electrical maze
  • also see Little House Series


  • learnt about the Janissary army
  • read a book called I work in a restaurant by Clare Oliver
  • also see Little House Series


  • McDs for special lunch
  • went on several home schooling group outings – Life Education Caravan home school field trip, Te Mata Peak Fossil Hunting,
  • the Story Teller
  • playgroup – has lead some successful art/craft activities with the children, has lead the singing several times (which is good for him as it is performing in front of a group, also he used maths, writing and reading to organise when the songs were to be played, good also for his confidence and self esteem), has served and cooked morning tea which lead to one mother buying him a pizza pan for the stove
  • 40 hour famine sleepover with a Sth African theme made a wire car and attended most of the youth group meeting nights
  • sea scouts sleepover and attended most of the Sea Scout meeting nights
  • Paper runs he has a relieving job and a permanent run

  • watched one of the buildings at church being moved – which allowed him to learn all these things


Hydraulics can hold a building up

They had to de-connect the deck roof of the building

Had to be careful

Used the beams on the truck to hold the building up

Wheels on the trailer and its wheels work independently from the rest of the truck

The building can be lifted up high

They building had been there 40 years

They had pieces of wood to get the truck up on to the bank

That the building would be on its new site for 15 years which meant Our Home Schooler would be 27 years old.

The men all have to know exactly what they are doing for safety reasons

They are going to hire the hall out. Therefore bring $$ back into the church.

We saw history in the making

The boss uses special whistle sounds to tell the driver what to do

Found an old magazine and a couple of baby Olive trees where the old building had been

That the building use to be a church 40 years ago before it was moved over to us

The truck inched wormed in and out from under the building to be safe and not knock the building

  • and also lead to him doing this – was a Boy Friday went to work with Mr Wonderful. He helped a telephone technician set up the telephones in the new offices etc at church. Got coffees for all the workers
  • went to see The Sound of Music
  • Got a paper run (which is giving him confidence, practice in his reading and maths skills and of course more exercise)



I am pleased with Term 2 it feels easier maybe because it was a slightly shorter term. I am pleased with the progress My Home Schooler has made

2 Responses to Term 2 summary

  1. Wow, you covered a lot in term 2! I’d like to go back over our school year and make a list of all the books we completed. I haven’t gotten around to it yet, but it helps us see what we accomplished.

  2. my3boysandi says:

    I doing these summaries because as you say you can see what you have achieved

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