Term 2 Wedneday Week 9

Bible study





Maths adding subtraction multiplication

Science making a propeller engine racer

English – vocab building/history/science/history

Yesterday when we were reading we came across the word bellow. My Home schooler didnt know what they were. Today I explained that a bellow is an air pump that blew more oxygen into a fire thus making it burn much hotter. Early bellows were made of a “bag” of leather attached to two flat wooden paddles that were connected at one end by a hinge. When the paddles were pressed together, they would squeeze air out of the leather bag through a nozzle close to the base of the fire. (info found at http://www.ket.org/trips/forts/glossary.htm)

also showed him these pictures





The boys in yesterdays story called the girls snipes as we didnt know what they were I looked them up and found this beautiful video

then asked My Home Schooler where they live and what they might eat

then I read this page (just the part about the snipe) to him and got him to paste it and a picture of the snipe into his nature book

also had a discussion about how to be called a name was really bad in those days if it were modern days they might have called them a worse name

Willie had a velocipede we didnt know what this was so I found one on the internet and read the article to my home schooler


this weeks theme something that comes from an egg.

paper run

2 Responses to Term 2 Wedneday Week 9

  1. Looks like a neat racer. My boys like to build racers too, mostly of the Lego variety. Sounds like your homeschooler is learning a lot of new words.

  2. my3boysandi says:

    he is and they interest him
    he wants to know what new words he comes across mean

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