Term 2 Monday Week 8




writing (wrote a 3 page story with help)

Maths decimal addition, decimal subtraction, multiplication, decimal chart finding out how big a whole is

PE My Home schooler went for a bike ride

Music Look at different musical instruments from around the world and identified which part of the orchestra they would fit into – strings, percussion, wind etc

Didgeridoo — Australia
Ocarina — Latin America
Shakuhachi flute — China and Japan

Rebab — North Africa and the Middle East
Balalaika — Russia
Psaltery (a type of dulcimer) — many places around the world
Gamelan orchestra — Indonesia (a collection of percussion instruments)
Tabla — India



looked at this internet site sitehttp://starchild.gsfc.nasa.gov/docs/StarChild/solar_system_level1/solar_system.html#



did a worksheet from this site and used one of the pages online to find the answers also used maths to find out how many moons are in the solar system


Technology Cooking Pizza for play group tomorrow

PE Practiced for paper run with the friend hes relieving for

His friend stay over for a while after the paper run

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