Term 2 Monday Week 7


reading (my home schooler was excited because we started On The Banks of Plum Creek)



writing/maths working out tall he is

English/geography/ maths reading comprehension, looked at these photos, looked at a map of where they had traveled to get to Plum Creek, found out how far town was (compared it with what my Home Schooler knows – I would have walked about the same distance to get to church yesterday. It took about an hour and might have taken Pa longer as he was carrying “a little tin stove and pieces of stovepipe” which might have looked something like this

Maths addition subtraction multiplication $$ distances

read my home schoolers paprrun contract to him and got him to sign it

Music practiced the scout songs for the National Campfire event thats coming up

science http://www.nzherald.co.nz Rare pregnancy of weedy sea dragon at US aquarium

science explored this website about MESSENGER together

Technology read some more of How Everything was Invented – The Brainwaves

2 Responses to Term 2 Monday Week 7

  1. Mary says:

    We LOVED On The Banks of Plum Creek, one of the best in the LH series, IMHO! Have fun reading it! Have you read “Little Britches” to your son, yet? It’s by Ralph Moody, and kind of like a LH for boys. Our family loved it, it’s quite a series. I did it as a read-aloud, b/c there are some words in it I like to edit out as I read. Nothing HORRIBLE, but non-the-less, words we don’t use in our family. The story is priceless though.

  2. my3boysandi says:

    thanks mary Ill have to put it on my reading list

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