Term 2 Thursday Week 6

PE took bike to bike shop





maths adding subtraction multiplication measuring and perimeters

Science yesterday we read about how lenses were invented and thought we would look at the differences between convex and concave lenses

looked at this page to see how lenses can be used to focus light

looked at the two diagrams on this page

looked at number 18 on this pagefor an example of a concave lens

and this picture for a convex lens

Technology Read some more of How Nearly Everything was Invented

Science finished reading The New Solar System books by Robin Birch Mercury, did some more of the worksheet and looked at this website

PE picked bike from bike shop

Sea Scouts

2 Responses to Term 2 Thursday Week 6

  1. Morning Rose says:

    I need to take my bike to the bike shop too. We studied inventors and inventions this past school year also.

  2. my3boysandi says:

    i need to get my bike fixed too
    quite an interesting study
    My Home schooler reckons he will invent something one day

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