Term 2 Wednesday Week 6






English Little House study Mr Scott and Mr Edwards suggested to Pa they make a stockade my Home Schooler wanted to know what a stockade was so I read this page to him

He knew that the Maoris made similar fortifications in the early days of New Zealand.

Soldat Du Chene saved them so we read about him too here there is some evidence that he never existed but I think whatever happened maybe a chief did save them. My Home schooler recalled this same chief was on friendly terms with Pa and smoked a pipe with him.

Maths addition, subtraction, multiplication

Science read about these dinosaurs and the sun


this weeks theme Hot

A stove element thats turned on


Recalled what instruments are in the Brass section of the Orchestra then listened/watched Giovanni Gabrieli – Canzon in the 1st tone for 10 parts

Recalled what instruments are in the string section and then listened/watched Mendelssohn Octet E Flat Major 1st mov (Part 1 of 2) and Carolan’s Dream – played on celtic harp

watched/listened to Chanticleer’s God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

recalled what instruments are in the percussion sections of the orchestra and then watched/listened to Tam Tams – African Music and Dance.

Then watched and listened to what The Ingalls may have heard in the night when the Indians were considering war as we read about this morning

Native American Indian Cherokee War Dance

Sioux War Dance

Best Indian Chant ever

  • NB all on UTube and used this website to recall what instruments were in each part of the orchestra

Technology Started reading How Everything was Invented by the Brainwaves

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