Term 2 Monday Week 6

This morning we were up and out the door by 8am

One of the buildings at church has been moved. The church is going to have some new buildings built.

This meant having to move St Peters an old church that has been used as a lounge area to another area of the church grounds.

What My Home Schooler learnt


Hydraulics can hold a building up

They had to de-connect the deck roof of the building

Had to be careful

Used the beams on the truck to hold the building up

Wheels on the trailer and its wheels work independently from the rest of the truck

The building can be lifted up high

They building had been there 40 years

They had pieces of wood to get the truck up on to the bank

That the building would be on its new site for 15 years which meant Our Home Schooler would be 27 years old.

The men all have to know exactly what they are doing for safety reasons

They are going to hire the hall out.  Therefore bring $$ back into the church.

We saw history in the making

The boss uses special whistle sounds to tell the driver what to do

Found an old magazine and a couple of baby Olive trees where the old building had been

That the building use to be a church 40 years ago before it was moved over to us

The truck inched wormed in and out from under the building to be safe and not knock the building

On the way home we saw 3 emu


maths addition, subtraction, multiplication

2 Responses to Term 2 Monday Week 6

  1. Morning Rose says:

    What a move! Those things are so educational too.

  2. my3boysandi says:

    I LOVE educational moments (or hours)

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