Term 2 Friday week 5


reading (read a bit longer today because My Home Schooler wanted to)



writing (my home schooler wrote more than he usually does and used his dictionary to find the spelling of some of the words)

English/Social studies/Technology today my home schooler read a story about recycling and making our world a cleaner and healthier. Earth Smart. We went through the cupboards to find out where our food is made.

Maths adding subtraction multiplication measuring

swimming and rode his bike there and back

youth group played with an IToy

4 Responses to Term 2 Friday week 5

  1. Morning Rose says:

    It’s neat to see kids want to read and write more on their own.

  2. Mary says:

    Homeschooling is so rewarding! We’re into our summer vacation right now, but I’m using the time off to get materials together for next fall. I’m getting excited! Got some fun new geography/history materials to try out. What is your favorite thing to teach him? I love history…

  3. Mamasmurf says:

    Thanks for your visit to my blog! My son loves to read, my DH often says that he could “read the print off the cereal packets” – he always seems to have a book in his hand!
    Hope your homeschooling continues to go well for you all!

  4. my3boysandi says:

    it is 🙂 Morning Rose especially kids that have had trouble in the past

    I remember getting excited like that Mary. I like reading – we read each other 5 pages each My home schooler reads his book and at the moment Im reading him the Little House on the Prairie series. I like you like teaching history. Through the Little House series we have pulled out all sorts of wonderful things to learn about. Id say its more like unit studies as it may learning about an animal they come across or history in the form of the Indians or cowboys etc.

    Thanks Chrissy

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