October 13, 2008
Study Time Extras
Bible 9am Anne – Monday & Thursday afternoons





Drama class – Monday night

Sea scouts – Thursday night

swimming – Friday afternoon

Church & sunday school – Sunday morning

BREAK 10.45 am
Maths 11 am
LUNCH 12 noon
Art OR Music OR Science OR cooking 1 pm
paper run 2 pm or 3 pm

Pays to write thank yous

December 23, 2008

Just after the opti yacthing we wrote thankyou letters to the people who sponser the yatchs
Today My Home Schooler got a tshirt from one of the companies
another thank you letter will be written


What My Home Schooler did in the holidays

December 22, 2008

The weekend of the 20th and 21st of December


Sunday School Breakup for the year at Splash Planet


Sunday School Play

went back to church in the evening and watched this DVD which was brillant!!!


Term 4 Week 10 Thursday last offical school day of 2008

December 18, 2008

using this study we wrote, did maths, enjoyed music and had a bible study about Christmas

I read to my Home Schooler about the history of Christmas from this book and we sang and learnt some of the history of Christmas carols too

Term 4 Week 10 Wednesday

December 17, 2008

art your favorite zoo animal


For my Wednesday home schooling  get together group this afternoon we went to Par 2 Minigolf – forgot my cameras memory stick 😦  then went and got an icecream

My Home Schooler then went to doing some filming with his private tutor on her learning game

Term 4 Week 10 Monday

December 15, 2008

this afternoon we went over a home schooling friends place and watched  this video Time Life‘s Lost Civilizations – Maya The Blood Of Kings and discussed it

Term 4 Week 9 Friday

December 13, 2008

this afternoon we went swimming with a home schooling friend
tonight My Home Schooler was in his drama play

Term 4 Week 9 Thursday

December 11, 2008

before we started school this morning the pastors wife came over and the boys helped her weed and prepare our garden for a vege patch


Sketch something that is made of ice or show a way to use ice.


Sea Scouts break up for the year with BBQ

Term 4 Week 9 Wednesday

December 11, 2008

This afternoon we went on a picnic and to a reserve

I am leading a new social group

At the reserve the children rode their bikes on the dirt track and swam in the river

Term 4 Week 9 MONDAY

December 8, 2008

this afternoon we went over a home schooling friends place and watched  this video (The Eyptian one)for history and discussed it too

Term 4 Week 8 Thursday

December 4, 2008

wrote a good copy of a story he wrote the other day (because he wanted too)


following up on yesterdays art come science  lesson about boars Barb sent us this link about boars.  We really appricated this 🙂  I love teachable moments 🙂

finished reading “story of the nile” – history

listened to the last part of the dvd about trees